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Ways to Overcome Premature Ejaculation

Guys usually feel ashamed when they orgasm before they wish to. However, the real issue is they draw in extreme emotions apart from the sensual moment with their spouse. Mistakenly, the spouse could think he is mad at her and not about his short fuse. The reality is, plenty of girls could not care less about quick ejaculation. If she is in most, she does not even orgasm with sex. They desires closeness and her own orgasm.

Premature ejaculation, usually reaching orgasm in one minute, is a common sexual disorder affecting thirty percent of men. Luckily, Westword can help with your problem and boost your sex life. But aside from taking pills, there are other ways where you can prevent premature ejaculation.

Behavior Techniques

Practice Self-Distraction

intimacy seduction nakedWhen your stimulation level is too high and your orgasm is near, take a deep breath and think about something else, something boring if possible. If you’re less stimulated but still maintaining your erection, you can continue later. As you approach orgasm, move your penis away from your partner and allow yourself to relax enough to avoid ejaculation. By stopping and resuming sexual stimulation, you can learn to prolong the sexual experience and delay ejaculation.

Learn the Squeeze Method

In this system, you or your partner squeeze the tip or end of the penis for 10-20 minutes when orgasm is imminent, and then suspend stimulation for about 30 minutes before resuming. This can be repeated whenever ejaculation is desired. The stop-start method can also be used with the compression method.

Increase Foreplay

Sex is more than just penetration. Foreplay can significantly enhance the sexual experience, both in terms of time and pleasure. Let’s say you tend to ejaculate right after penetration, but your partner needs more solid clitoral stimulation to orgasm. Some men finger their partner to arouse her to orgasm. However, unlike tongue, palms and fingers tend to tire. But the only reason he lasts longer is that he saves his penis before the activity ends for penile penetration. Also, don’t think of the moment of penetration as a sexual act. Sex includes actions before and after, usually what people call foreplay.

Wear a Condom

love dick protectMany men claim that reduced penile sensitivity is a disadvantage of condom use during sex. But for men concerned about premature ejaculation, reduced penile sensitivity may be a benefit of condom use. If increased sensitivity is problematic for you and triggers PE, condom use may help you prolong intercourse.

Talk to an Expert

Since premature ejaculation often has emotional roots, talking to a doctor, mental health specialist, or sex therapist can also help. We encourage anyone suffering from male sexual dysfunction to seek medical care or sex therapy.

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