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Ways to Overcome Premature Ejaculation

Guys usually feel ashamed when they orgasm before they wish to. However, the real issue is they draw in extreme emotions apart from the sensual moment with their spouse. Mistakenly, the spouse could think he is mad at her and not about his short fuse. The reality is, plenty of girls could not care less about quick ejaculation. If she is in most, she does not even orgasm with sex. They desires closeness and her own orgasm.

Premature ejaculation, usually reaching orgasm in one minute, is a common sexual disorder affecting thirty percent of men. Luckily, Westword can help with your problem and boost your sex life. But aside from taking pills, there are other ways where you can prevent premature ejaculation.

Behavior Techniques

Practice Self-Distraction

intimacy seduction nakedWhen your stimulation level is too high and your orgasm is near, take a deep breath and think about something else, something boring if possible. If you’re less stimulated but still maintaining your erection, you can continue later. As you approach orgasm, move your penis away from your partner and allow yourself to relax enough to avoid ejaculation. By stopping and resuming sexual stimulation, you can learn to prolong the sexual experience and delay ejaculation.

Learn the Squeeze Method

In this system, you or your partner squeeze the tip or end of the penis for 10-20 minutes when orgasm is imminent, and then suspend stimulation for about 30 minutes before resuming. This can be repeated whenever ejaculation is desired. The stop-start method can also be used with the compression method.

Increase Foreplay

Sex is more than just penetration. Foreplay can significantly enhance the sexual experience, both in terms of time and pleasure. Let’s say you tend to ejaculate right after penetration, but your partner needs more solid clitoral stimulation to orgasm. Some men finger their partner to arouse her to orgasm. However, unlike tongue, palms and fingers tend to tire. But the only reason he lasts longer is that he saves his penis before the activity ends for penile penetration. Also, don’t think of the moment of penetration as a sexual act. Sex includes actions before and after, usually what people call foreplay.

Wear a Condom

love dick protectMany men claim that reduced penile sensitivity is a disadvantage of condom use during sex. But for men concerned about premature ejaculation, reduced penile sensitivity may be a benefit of condom use. If increased sensitivity is problematic for you and triggers PE, condom use may help you prolong intercourse.

Talk to an Expert

Since premature ejaculation often has emotional roots, talking to a doctor, mental health specialist, or sex therapist can also help. We encourage anyone suffering from male sexual dysfunction to seek medical care or sex therapy.…

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What You Need to Know About Sperm Count

Sperm health is one of the most ignored subjects when it comes to male reproductive health. Many people are comfortable talking about their sexual experiences but rarely do people share tips to maintain a healthy sex life. Keeping healthy sperms is one of the essential components of having such a life. Luckily, there are several ways to maintain healthy sperms. It is one of the reasons sites such as are getting high traffic.

Additionally, if you expect to get a child, it is crucial to take care of your sperm quality and quantity. The information in this piece should prove insightful if you want to know more about maintaining healthy sperms.

What is Low Sperm Count?

The regular sperm quantity is at least fifteen million sperms per each milliliter of semen. Anything less than this count is what doctors refer to as a low sperm count or oligospermia. Many people do not know this, but oligospermia is one of the main reasons couples find it challenging to conceive children. When one suffers from low sperm count, it becomes difficult to fertilize the ovum.

What Is Quality Sperm?

As much as having regular sperm quantity counts, it’s not enough for fertilization to take place. Your sperms need to be healthy enough to achieve the results.

Here are three factors that specialists use to determine the nature of one’s sperms:
i. Quantity– Measuring the number of sperms you have from an ejaculation helps a doctor identify whether your sperm count is normal or low.

ii. Movement– Health experts refer to this as motility. It examines how quick and fluid your sperms navigates to its final destination. At least half of the sperms in your semen should function effectively.

iii. Structure– Regular sperms have a head and tail to make up their structure. This structure allows them to move efficiently to your partner’s eggs. So, as long as your sperms have the appropriate shape, conception is easy.

What Are the Causes of Low Sperm?

sperm count
Various things can cause someone to have a low sperm quantity. Some of these include environmental impacts, age, health issues, and lifestyle aspects. For instance, if you are a regular smoker, there are high chances that your fertility is affected.

How Can I Fix My Sperm Count?

Before trying to fix your sperm count, consider getting a check-up first. When getting your results, feel free to discuss the available options with your doctor. There are various ways one can fix their sperm quality and quantity. Eating better, exercising, using supplements, changing habits, and the environment are some of the simple ways to boost sperm count.

I hope this article proves helpful in your quest to learn more about sperm health. To learn more about your sperm count, consult your doctor.…

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How Sexual Fantasies Affect Relationships

Those looking into references about how to spice things up in bed might be familiar with the term sexual fantasies. It refers to the wild imagination of sexual activities that relate to one’s deepest and darkest desire. Note that this term does not necessarily only mean monogamous relationships, but it can also include other types of sexual intercourse. As traditional people often refer to this as a negative aspect of a relationship, studies show that it is perfectly normal and can positively affect relationships.

Another research also shows that couples who have been together for years tend to experience boredom, and it is vital to re-ignite the sparks. It is where the real challenges are as not all people know what to do to start over. Sex toys and other intercourse styles might be much of a help, but let us not forget the fact that sexual fantasies also play a vital part. This article explains how fantasies affect relationships, of course, in a positive way. The key to exploring this aspect is to communicate openly with your partner.


Since the first stage of any relationships, experts have always addressed the issue of communication. Many of the talks highlight the problems that may appear once people ignore this aspect. Communication is the key to a long-lasting and happy relationship as both parties can project their wishes, fears, and challenges. Of course, a supportive partner is also what they need. Fortunately, it is possible for them to explore their deepest fantasies by communicating what they like and do not like when it comes to intimate moments in bed.

Communication is the key to convey the pictures you have in the back of your mind, and one should not be afraid to try this method. Those who have explored their deepest desires often testify that it helps them reach the maximum level of satisfaction. As a result, they have more affection for their partner.

New Techniques

Exploring one’s sexual desires can lead to the discoveries of new techniques. Often, these newly-found techniques and styles are unthinkable before they are brave enough to bring their fantasies to reality. For that reason, experts often highlight the importance of your imagination, especially when you need to spice up your relationship. More importantly, scientific studies also show that exploring sexual fantasies often lead to a much healthier relationship.…

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How Best to Sex Chat With Online Partners

Usually sex chatting has become an everyday practice more so for the teens who are active in the phase of discovering themselves. This does not mean the old people don’t do it. They do but on another level. With the increased use of the internet, more people can now access sites which have girls who are ready and willing to share their nudes as long as you guarantee their privacy.

Once you sign up to the sites, you will also learn how to take nice nudes which you can send to your online sex chat partner. On the sex sites, you will find a partner of your own with qualities that you wish to have, and you can be sending nudes online. However a fact the nudes must be sent with a lot of precaution so that they don’t leak to people who were not intended to receive them. To safely do your sex chat you should put the following factors into consideration.

You can choose to crop your face

When sending your nudes and you care about your image you can choose to crop out your face. Ensure yournude face does not appear or anything close that will show it is you in the nude. Crop areas with tattoos or birth mark because they can be used to identify you. This will help you avoid the shame and humiliation which you will face when the world gets to know how you look like when naked.

Don’t send t someone you don’t trust

nudeNudes are very sensitive photos to send because they might be exposing you to the public in a bad way. Therefore as you send nudes to your lover, you should check if you trust the lover. If you realize something fishy, you should stop sending the nudes. When trust is not paramount, you should do away with sending the nudes. They may end up costing you a lot in your life.

Don’t send what you don’t feel like doing

It is also pretty essential that if you feel insecure sending your nudes, then you should not do it. You should only send nudes when you feel safe to do it. Instincts are always right and so should not be ignored. Failing to follow your instincts you may realize your nudes are exposed, and you will not like the repercussions which will come with the whole scenario.…

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Tips to Give Her a Climax

Passion is the right key if you want your woman to achieve her climax during sex. You can easily find ways on how to make a woman climax. The emotion of the women is the most common way on how to achieve the climax arousal. If you connect your emotion and mind with her’s and do good foreplay, she will surely get to her climax in a manner that makes her want more. Tips to give her a climax will make your woman to always ask for more.

Fire her up

Ladies find it difficult to achieve climax not unless you arouse her before getting into the real sexual intercourse. It’s very important to put more foreplays because it will enhance arouse her and make her want to have sex the more.

Remember that women can be easily turned off. You need to have a good strategy to make her want you as well.

Simply endeavor to be sufficiently sensible about ladies’ feelings and figure out how to manage it. You just got to show her how much you want her, always remember it is important that you will consider your capability on how to make a woman climax.

See What She Wants to Do

You should try to be comfortable with her, and you must be attentive to her needs. Try to discover her soft and erotic parts, and at the same time let her discover the parts in your body where you are most aroused when touched.

You Have to Keep Her Waiting

This is one of the best ways on to how to satisfy women.When you are done doing the foreplays, and you are on top of her ready to make the real sexual act. You have to delay and keep rubbing her private parts. It gives her a signal that you are ready, but you keep delaying the main act. The more you keep delaying, the more the woman craves to do the main act. It swirls her mind to urge and to do it immediately.

These tips will help you to establish and have more confidence doing sex with women. If you know that you have satisfied your woman on the bed and make her scream with pleasure, for sure, your ego will be elated.


The best way that you can always use to give your female partners powerful orgasms is simply by engaging in the act of well-planned foreplay. Using foreplay, you would be building up the dynamic sexual and sensual tension which is required for a woman to climax. The female body demands that she must reach a certain level of sexual tension before she can achieve an orgasm. Because females do not have refractory periods after the first orgasm in any particular sexual session, she can always go and achieve as many orgasms as she wants as soon as you can stimulate her to the point of her first orgasm.…

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Major Causes of Premature Ejaculation

Why do people experience premature ejaculation?

We all know that premature ejaculation is a humiliating and frustrating condition. When you are having this issue, it could also destroy your confidence. If you want to end to this problem, you need first to find out the causes of it. That’s why pills, sprays, and creams that claim to cure premature ejaculation are only a temporary fix’. It’s vital to take a closer look at the reason for your early ejaculation. Let’s us examine some major cause of premature ejaculation.

The reasons for not being able to last long in bed

Lifestyle Issues

A healthy lifestyle is very important when it comes to premature ejaculation. In fact, just having the right way of life can help to dramatically boost your staying power in bed. Some men who suffer from early ejaculation are as a result poor standard of living.

If your diet contains too much-saturated fat, it could impede circulation and thereby result in low stores of energy. All available fact proves that it could lead to the inability to last long when making love.

Ensure you practice consistent exercise to help you boost your sexual stamina.

Your Way of Thinking

Men are wired differently than women. They see sex as means of pleasure, whereas women see it as an act of love. So, if you are having an issue with premature ejaculation, maybe it’s because how your mind is wired for years. You may need to replace it with new information.

You don’t have to be weighed down by your inability last longer in bed. All you need to do is to learn the strategies to be in command of your sexual arousal. This can’t be learned overnight. It may 5 minutes every day for about 2 to 4 weeks.

An Overly Excitable Body

You won’t last long during intercourse if you become too excited. This means that, if your penis is overly sensitive or if you have quick arousal the moment you are stimulated, there is every tendency that it will have an early ejaculation.

Man technic in bed improves as they get older by experience. The younger age may be one of the reasons they get too excited. If this is true, your lasting power is going to get better with age.


How can I satisfy a woman even with premature ejaculation?

The time a woman takes to reach an orgasm varies from one woman to another. Some women may take 5 minutes to reach an orgasm, while others may take 15 minutes to get to an orgasm. Understanding your partner is the key to giving her enjoyable sex. Some women can get to orgasm through foreplay or oral sex. There are some ways to make your woman reach a climax before the actual penetration!


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Years of experience

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Strategic location

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Professionalism at its best

Go for the cleaning company that handles its clients with utmost respect. You definitely wouldn’t like it if you called them up and got some rather rude answers. One way to tell if they treasure you as a client is by the way they handle you even when you pay them a visit in person. You should expect a warm reception as you discuss some somewhat sensitive home matters. The likes of the house cleaning services gold coast should be highly emulated. Handling regular clients is no joke, and they do it very well.…

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