What You Need to Know About Sperm Count

Sperm health is one of the most ignored subjects when it comes to male reproductive health. Many people are comfortable talking about their sexual experiences but rarely do people share tips to maintain a healthy sex life. Keeping healthy sperms is one of the essential components of having such a life. Luckily, there are several ways to maintain healthy sperms. It is one of the reasons sites such as https://www.riverfronttimes.com/PaidContent/2020/11/25/best-semen-enhancers-top-pills-for-increasing-sperm-volume are getting high traffic.

Additionally, if you expect to get a child, it is crucial to take care of your sperm quality and quantity. The information in this piece should prove insightful if you want to know more about maintaining healthy sperms.

What is Low Sperm Count?

The regular sperm quantity is at least fifteen million sperms per each milliliter of semen. Anything less than this count is what doctors refer to as a low sperm count or oligospermia. Many people do not know this, but oligospermia is one of the main reasons couples find it challenging to conceive children. When one suffers from low sperm count, it becomes difficult to fertilize the ovum.

What Is Quality Sperm?

As much as having regular sperm quantity counts, it’s not enough for fertilization to take place. Your sperms need to be healthy enough to achieve the results.

Here are three factors that specialists use to determine the nature of one’s sperms:
i. Quantity– Measuring the number of sperms you have from an ejaculation helps a doctor identify whether your sperm count is normal or low.

ii. Movement– Health experts refer to this as motility. It examines how quick and fluid your sperms navigates to its final destination. At least half of the sperms in your semen should function effectively.

iii. Structure– Regular sperms have a head and tail to make up their structure. This structure allows them to move efficiently to your partner’s eggs. So, as long as your sperms have the appropriate shape, conception is easy.

What Are the Causes of Low Sperm?

sperm count
Various things can cause someone to have a low sperm quantity. Some of these include environmental impacts, age, health issues, and lifestyle aspects. For instance, if you are a regular smoker, there are high chances that your fertility is affected.

How Can I Fix My Sperm Count?

Before trying to fix your sperm count, consider getting a check-up first. When getting your results, feel free to discuss the available options with your doctor. There are various ways one can fix their sperm quality and quantity. Eating better, exercising, using supplements, changing habits, and the environment are some of the simple ways to boost sperm count.

I hope this article proves helpful in your quest to learn more about sperm health. To learn more about your sperm count, consult your doctor.…

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