Types of Male Masturbators

Male masturbators are sex toys that are designed for increasing pleasure in men. Most of these devices are designed to feel and look like real virginal, anus sans mouths. Men can use these devices to intensify their arousal. They are also great for couples. Many couples use them to make intercourse better. They are made of realistic materials such as Cyberskin. Men are advised to use lube to enhance their masturbation experience. The lube specifications of a masturbator should also be checked as some materials are known for pairing well with certain types of lubes than others. Outlined here below are the top-rated male masturbators that you need to consider:

Autoblow 2+


This toy is perfect for different for different sizes of manhood. It consists of a plastic container, and a three-bead-ring mounted spring moves up and down the shaft, thereby bring the much-needed pleasure. It comes with an androgynous mouth that resembles the real vagina. The mouth is attached to a sleeve. There are three sizes of sleeves namely A, B, and C, which can accommodate all lengths. It is one of the most popular and best toys on the current market. Its sleeves are changeable and easy to clean. This toy comes with an attractive carrying case.


  • It is a cheap machine
  • It is crowdfunded device-It is ideal for men who have simple needs
  • Comes with an efficient charging plug

Kiiro-Onyx 2

The Kiiro2 is a silent and powerful device that is designed to provide more interactive pleasure than other devices. It is lightweight, elegant and discreet. Men can use this toy to get the maximum pleasure without tiring their hands. This is an automatic device that can be charged using a micro USB cable. Its average weight is 780 g.


  • It is made of high-grade silicone d polymer
  • It is better than the other automatic masturbators
  • It is reasonably priced

Lovesense Max

bluetooth connectivity

This is another great toy that is designed for pleasure. It is ideal for both distant couples. It has a bluetooth enabled feature that enables such couples to get connected in intimacy. It can be controlled easily by your partner who is miles away. All that you need is to download its free appĀ from Windows, Google Play or Apple Store. With this app, it is easy to control this toy with a smartphone. It comes with a one-year warranty and three button settings. This device is rechargeable and automatic. It has a safe, compact body that is well-designed to give maximum pleasure.


  • It has great features
  • Beautifully made
  • Offer great tech and customer support
  • Provides realistic pleasurable feel
  • It is a hand paring device
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