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What Should Make You Choose a Fleshlight Flight

For a sexually active member of the male Homo sapiens, a male masturbator must be one of his precious personal collections. With all the different types of masturbators for men, Fleshlight Flight must be the most convenient and the most logical to have. This male masturbator comes in three variations, and these are the Aviator, Pilot, and Instructor.

The three models of fleshlight flight male masturbators differ in length, color, the appearance of the pussy, and tightness and texture of the insides. Still, they all share the following common characteristics that make them the preferred choice of many men who cannot help but seek sexual gratification through sex toys like fleshlight flight.

Easy to Handle

With their smaller size, fleshlight flight can be gripped with only one hand. It is essential to have a firm grip on a masturbator because it can become greasy because of the lube. It can distract you from your focus if the masturbator gets off your grip and falls often. With your other free hand, you can use it to explore and stroke other erogenous parts of your body. It will surely add to the sensation.

Discreet Design

With the discreet designs of a fleshlight flight male masturbator, it can be mistaken for other things. You can put it in your drawer, and someone who sees it will not recognize it as a sex toy if he does not examine it closely. Although 83% of Americans think that males masturbate according to a research, it must be the last thing of your mind to be caught with a sex toy.


This characteristic of a fleshlight flight is often disregarded because most masturbators are. Because it not heavy, it adds to the convenience of using it. If you can last for more than an hour, a lightweight masturbator will not tire your hands easily. It will not also add much weight to your luggage when you are traveling.

Smooth and Soft

Of course, it’s different when you are doing it with the real thing. But fleshlight flight can let you forget that with the extraordinary smoothness and softness of its insides because of the high-quality materials used.

Easy to Clean

Generally, all the three variations of fleshlight flight male masturbators are easy to clean. It will not take you more than five minutes. With its small form, you can easily reach all areas.

With all the above traits of fleshlight flight male masturbators, it is indeed great for traveling. That means that you can always get the help of this male masturbator wherever you go. But with its compact size and many desirable characteristics, it may not be suitable for you if you are hung like a donkey.

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